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Q & A

1. What is Steiner Stream? 

A Steiner Stream is affordable and authentic Steiner education run within a Department of Education School.  Currently in South Australia there are three Steiner Stream schools in the greater Adelaide area: 
Trinity Gardens School,  
Sheidow Park School, and 
Basket Range Primary School.


2. Are there plans for a Steiner Stream in a high school?

There has been much discussion about starting a Steiner Stream within a high school however we’ve yet to secure a school. Locality to our feeder Primary Schools is key to success. We welcome volunteers who wish to help pursue this initiative with our support. Please get in touch via our contact page.


3. Why is there no Steiner Stream kindy?

While there are several bush kinders and playgroups available for families to enjoy we have been attempting to get a streamed kindy off the ground for many years; however, there are logistics and many criteria to satisfy to start a streamed kindy and we are continually seeking discussions and opportunities to make this a reality.


4. Can I do a tour of a Steiner Streamed school to see what it’s like?

Yes! Get in touch with Steiner Stream schools in the Adelaide area and ask them when their next tour will be. Tours run regularly throughout the year and are a great insight into Steiner Education and school life.  You can also follow and keep a look out on the ASEA Facebook page for tours and community events.

Trinity Gardens School

8431 4170


Sheidow Park School

8381 8911


Basket Range Primary School

8390 3466

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