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Community Noticeboard

Eyre Peninsula Waldorf Initiative

The Eyre Peninsula Waldorf School Initiative has been working towards building a Waldorf School in Port Lincoln for over 4 years. During this time, many different board members have come and gone and progress at times has been very slow (and challenging!). Whilst the initiative looks different than it did, even a year ago there is no doubt that hundreds of hours of love and hard work has gone into the dream so many hold dear to their hearts.


On the 16th February 2023, the future school grounds and the area where we hold our nature playgroup was burnt down to nothing but ash and debris. The fire, in less than an hour, destroyed the resources, infrastructure, toys and building materials we had worked so hard to accumulate. Weeks of doubt followed the fire day, however, like the sun slowly streaming through clouds, we are emerging stronger and more determined than ever. We are working very hard to rebuild but we need financial assistance to not only rebuild our playgroup space for our children, but to also progress to the early stages of the school development.


We have a number of ways you can support our initiative; purchasing our merchandise, donating on our mycause page and sharing our dream and following along on the journey. Together, with the help of those who understand and value what we are trying to achieve, we will wrap our hearts around our future school and provide the children of our future the schooling they deserve.

Please contact to advise of any community notices.

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