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Welcome to the home of Steiner Education in South Australia 

Facilitating authentic and affordable Steiner Education for South Australian children since 2004


ASEA (Adelaide Steiner Education Association) is an not-for-profit membership-based organisation.


Our primary focus is to ensure affordable and authentic Steiner education within the three Steiner Stream schools in the greater Adelaide area which run within public schools. We do this through providing bursaries to Steiner Stream families in need; these are funded by ASEA membership fees. Join ASEA here.


These Steiner Streams exists in Trinity Gardens School, Sheidow Park School, and Basket Range Primary School.


We also maintain strong community connections with the wider Steiner community in South Australia.


For detailed information about Steiner (sometimes referred to as ‘Waldorf’) education in Australia please visit the Steiner Education Australia website.

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